Our Beliefs

The family is the most important influence on the individual.
Education is the shared responsibility of the home,  school, and community.
Learning is a life-long process.
Character development is necessary for optimal achievement.
Active involvement is critical to productive change.
Each individual is responsible for his/her own actions.
Every person has intrinsic worth.

Our Mission and Vission

The mission of F. J. DeLaine Elementary is “Promoting lifelong learners while utilizing the ABC’s:  Academics, Behavior, and Character.”
The vision of F. J. DeLaine Elementary is  “Building a legacy of academic excellence and social responsibility, one student at a time.”

Our School Pledge

I came to school today to learn, to be the best that I could be!
I will act in such a way that others and I will be proud of me!
I will do my work and not give up.
I can achieve! I must achieve! I will achieve!
I want to reach all of my goals.
But if it is to be, it is up to me!